Stichting Maitri

STICHTING MAITRIE Is a Non profitable Organisation established under the provisions of Dutch law and having its office at Burgemeester Baumannlaan 175A, 3042 AD in Rotterdam represented by its chairman Mr. E. Lemstra.

The aim of stichting MaitrieI is:    

  1. To contribute to reducing personnel shortages in the healthcare sector in the Haaglanden region in the Netherlands and beyond by stimulating, training, recruiting and supervising potential employees from India and other countries that can be of service to it.
  2. Developing and starting pilots and projects to recruit qualified healthcare workers outside the EU for healthcare institutions in the Haaglanden region in the Netherlands.


STICHTING MAITRIE is supported by the MUNICIPALITY OF THE HAGUE. The Hague is international renowned as city for Peace and Justice. It is home to an extensive number of national and international governmental organisations and is having the biggest Hindustani society of the mainland of Europe.  The Hague and the Haaglanden region are experiencing an ageing population, resulting into an active and well-known healthcare environment for elderly.  In 2016 the state government of Karnataka – India AND the City of The Hague, The Netherlands signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to develop and intensify mutual beneficial cooperation. in various fields and also on Elderly care and Technology.

The members of stichting Maitrie are

Mr. E. Lemstra,
CEO, Xtra Care and CEO, Hague Medical Centre.

Ms. W. Arends,
Director, ROC Mondriaan, College for Services, care and Welfare, The Hague

Ms. K. Duys,
Senior advisor and Program leader, Municipalities, Netherlands. She is a highly experienced senior advisor to governments and social organizations who has worked for governments at local, regional and international levels for over 30 years. She has been committed to concrete cooperation between governments (municipalities, ministries), institutions and small and medium-sized companies between the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world, she has greatly contributed to building Netherlands – India exchange.

During her work with the municipality of The Hague for more than 15 years, Karen put the cooperation with India on the Dutch agenda, resulting in many delegations led by the Mayor of Hague to Bangalore resulting in many MOUs with the State government of Karnataka in the areas of care, economy, water and infrastructure. Since 10 years Karen also serves as senior advisor to the Mayor of Rotterdam and aldermen of various municipalities. She also led the implementation of the noted Healthcare and Participation Act at the department of Health and Welfare of the City of the Hague, Netherlands, as well as at the Care, Welfare and Culture department of the province of North-Holland, Strategic Economic Projects Unit of the province of South Holland.

Karen was elected as member of the city council of the municipality of Rotterdam for more than 10 years. She was the leader of a political party and member of special committees Labour & Education, Economics & Urban development, Care & Welfare. She was member of the confidential committee for the selection of the Mayor of Rotterdam municipality of Rotterdam. She described her experiences of being a politician in the Dutch administrative & political system in a book entitled Dual of Duel. This book has been distributed among all Dutch representatives in the Netherlands and is used at the university for the students Public Administration.

Ms. K. Louwes,
Director of Education and Healthcare, Municipality of the city of the Hague, (Former Deputy Mayor,  City of Rotterdam)

Dr. Kavitha K Prabhudayal,
Honorable City Mayor of the city of The Hague, and former director of finance of Netherland.

Dr. Ramlal
Former member of the Dutch Parliament and Former Mayor of the city of the Hauge, Special senior advisor, India – Netherland relations

Mr Harry de Bruin:
CEO ROC Mondriaan college.

Dr. Ingrid Wolff,
Chairwomen Medical Hospital region, CEO of Haaglanden Medical Center & Member of the Royal Dutch Medical Association.

Mr. Klaas Milde,
Chairman & CEO of the board of directors of Respect Zorg Groep in the Hauge

Social Circle