There is a large scope of employment in the healthcare sector for individuals studying medical courses, and this is expected to grow exponentially worldwide. It is essential for candidates to have complete knowledge after their nursing diploma/degree to boost their career and future opportunities. In the present scenario, the healthcare sector requires a large workforce that includes manual labor and e-diagnosticians. By pursuing Paramedtronics, students become capable of becoming allied healthcare workers.

These healthcare professionals assist medical practitioners in various stages of medical intervention and the process of diagnosis, playing an instrumental role in the healthcare system.

Paramedtronics is an exciting field that combines medical science with electronics. Here are some

steps to get involved:

  1. Education and Training:

Consider enrolling in a Paramedtronics course. The Arcyon International Institute of Medical Science & Technology Council (IIMSTC) offers various programs, including:

– Certificate Program in Paramedtronics

– Diploma in Paramedtronics

– BSc (Paramedtronics)

– Post Graduate Diploma in Paramedtronics

– MSc (Paramedtronics)

The minimum qualification required is a diploma or degree in nursing from any recognized university.

These programs provide a blend of medical science and medical electronics, with hands-on experience in collaboration with hospitals and industry partners.

  1. Explore Job Opportunities:

Paramedtronics professionals can work in various roles, such as care managers in hospitals or home settings. They provide patient care, maintain a conducive environment, and monitor health status. Job openings are available in healthcare institutions, research centers, and medical technology companies.

  1. Stay Updated:

Follow advancements in medical technology, electronics, and healthcare.

Attend conferences, workshops, and webinars related to Paramedtronics.

Join professional associations and networks to connect with experts in the field.

  1. Collaborate and Innovate:

Collaborate with medical professionals, engineers, and researchers. Explore opportunities to contribute to research projects or develop innovative Paramedtronics solutions.

  1. Ethical Considerations:

Understand the ethical implications of working with patient data and medical devices. Stay informed about privacy regulations and patient rights.

  1. Global Opportunities:

Paramedtronics professionals have a wide scope of practice globally.

Consider international collaborations, especially in countries where Paramedtronics is gaining prominence.

Remember that Paramedtronics is a dynamic field, and continuous learning and adaptability are essential. Best of luck on your journey into this fascinating domain! The most attractive aspect of Paramedtronics courses is their employment-oriented nature. The Paramedtronics courses ensure a promising future in the field of healthcare.


Dr. Sreedhar Saraswathy, a neuroscientist, is the visionary behind the field of Paramedtronics. His groundbreaking work has positioned him as the father of Paramedtronics. Let’s delve into how he entered the realm of innovation in this fascinating domain:

  1. Inception of Paramedtronics:

Dr. Saraswathy’s journey began with extensive research and exploration at the intersection of medical science and technology.

His vision was to create a bridge between healthcare and electronics, leveraging cutting-edge advancements for patient care.

When Founding the Arcyon International Institute of Medical Science & Technology Council (IIMSTC) operates under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

The council’s mission is to empower healthcare professionals with New Age Skills, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Bio-Medical Electronics.

  1. Innovation and Dedication:

Dr. Saraswathy’s relentless pursuit of innovation led to the creation of the course ‘Paramedtronics’.

This pioneering course was dedicated to the world of medical education by the Honorable Governor of Karnataka. It marked a significant milestone in the evolution of healthcare technology.

  1. Global Impact:

Dr. Saraswathy’s vision extends beyond India. IIMSTC aims to produce high-quality healthcare professionals from India and Africa. The council collaborates internationally, scaling up healthcare capabilities and empowering professionals to meet global healthcare demands.

In summary, Dr. Sreedhar Saraswathy’s passion, research, and dedication have shaped the field of Paramedtronics, revolutionizing patient care through technology and education.

Government of Netherland signed an MOU with IIMSTC

The Netherlands is a wonderful & safe destination for healthcare job aspirants, and at the moment, huge requirement for qualified Nurses specially trained in PRAMEDTRONICS & certified by UGC approved University further to be deployed in prominent hospitals of Netherlands.

STITCHING MAITHRI Netherland with the support of Municipality of The Hague, Government of Netherland signed a MoU with ARCYON INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCE &TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL, Bangalore (IIMSTC) to up skill the qualified Nurses from various part of India & South Africa hence fill-up 200,000 employment opportunities in Netherlands.

Required candidates with following
Educational Qualification:
• GNM/BSc Nursing/MSc Nursing
• Minimum 2 years of clinical experience
• Age below 40
• A genuine desire to help people
• Good written and verbal English communication skills
• Willingness to undergo further 4 months training in India.

• Attractive Salary as per govt norms
• Family Visa/ Citizenship
• Excellent Work Environment
• Free primary education for kids
• Free health insurance for kids
• Opportunity to work overtime
• Opportunity for higher education

To know more:
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MOU Signing with Govt. of Netherlands
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