Who We Are

IIMSTC is a unique initiative of highly qualified Researchers, Prominent Medical Practitioners and Technical professionals validated Para medical training platform designed for young talented students, hospital staff, and other individual skill levels. The platform offers highly realistic, hand-based interactions in an immersive training environment for cutting edge procedures and devices. IIMSTC currently works with top medical colleges and Hospitals in the country. IIMSTC led by Dr.Sreedhar- a renowned Neuroscientist working with a panel of expert medical Practitioners, in association with National Skill Development Corporation, Govt.of India with the curriculum support by technological Universities.

What We Do

IIMSTC is setting up virtual lab in every training center in the country for the benefits of the students to use it as a virtual platform to learn from medical experts in and around the world. IIMST has a result- driven approach, allowing teams and individuals to not only practice procedures, but also to objectively measure their performance through their proprietary analytics platform and dashboards.
When new devices and innovations are constantly introduced in Medical Industry at an accelerating pace with modern surgical and diagnosing procedures tend to be significantly more complex, IIMSTC would be an appropriate solution for the medical industry. The Technology Partners of IIMSTC are Knowledge and Skill International (KASI), India and their associate technological Giants such as Microsoft, Monolith Asia, and Boston, UK etc.
IIMSTC partnered with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Govt.of India, Karnataka State Skill Development Corporation, also various state universities of India and Europe as well.
Our training and assessment platform helps the candidates to stay on top of the latest advancements and quickly learn any procedure. It’s the future of Para Medical education today and it is helping an ever increasing number of Para Medical Professionals around the world explore and master the best procedures for themselves and their patients.

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