International Institute of Medical Science & Technology Council, India (AIIMS Technology Council) joined hands with Callus Company Inc, South Korea to bridge the gap between industry and academia through new-age skill training followed by internships.

Following the guidelines of AICTE and UGC, AIIMS Technology Council, an associate of Engineers Council of India and Electronics Sector Skill Council of India, initiated this program which will benefit technical students from India to increase their employability.

  • Garden City University
  • VTU – Under Progress
  • St Peters University
  • East West Institute of Technology – Madagi Road
  • East West Collage of Engineering – Yelahanka
  • Adhiyamaan College of Engineering – Hosur
  • New Horizon Engineering College
  • Shri Siddhartha Institute Of Technology
  • PES Institute of Technology and Management
  • Dayananda Sagar college of engineering
  • East West Institute of Technology
  • East West College of Engineering
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Introduction and Rationale:

  • This program is initiated to bridge the prevalent gap between academic knowledge and practical industry It recognizes the need for aligning academic curricula with real-world industry requirements, thereby enhancing the employability of graduates.
  • Current Scenario:
    • Internships are mandatory for college students following the University Grant Commission (UGC)
    • A significant 68% increase in students pursuing master’s studies abroad, with over 5 lakh students relocating.
    • A troubling statistic shows over 40% of India’s graduates remain unemployed after 25 years, with about 75% facing unemployment in their first
    • Annually, over 75 lakh students graduate, yet only 1/6th secure formal job


  • Provide practical exposure and hands-on experience, preparing students for professional challenges
  • Performing students to possess paid internships from internationally reputed industries.
  • Enhance students’ resumes by showcasing practical skills alongside academic achievements.
  • Create networking opportunities with industry professionals, expanding students’ professional
  • Assist in studying abroad through exposure to work culture and securing strong letters of recommendation.
  • Address the academic curriculum’s distance from real-world job skills, making internships an integral part of education.

Program Structure:

The Program Structure is designed to offer a comprehensive and diverse range of internship opportunities. It caters to various student interests and career goals, spanning multiple industries. The structure is divided into distinct phases:

  • Shortlisting
  • Students need to apply to the internship via the following registration link – https://forms.gle/whngLeZTJJV6F1f47
    • The students are shortlisted for internship opportunities based on the following,
      • Previous Semesters CGPA/GPA
      • 12th-grade score
      • CV
    • Fee Payment:  Shortlisted students shall pay the fees for Phase 1 and Phase 2 which comprises of 4 months of internship.
  • Phase 1 – (2 months)
    • Basic Training (1-Month): This phase involves providing basic training needed for the students regarding the onboarding of real-time projects.
    • Project Onboarding (1 – Month): This phase involves students being onboarded into the international company project, where students will learn about project requirements, interact with company mentors and Indian mentors, build an effective collaborative environment, etc.
  • Phase 2 – (2 months)
    • Internship with the Company: Students engage in hands-on projects with their respective companies, gaining real-world experience and practice.
    • Continued Development: Students will continue building their projects for the next two months as per the company’s mentor guidelines to deliver the required milestones.
    • Evaluation: Students will be evaluated based on their performance, behavior, and professionalism at the end of phase II. The students will be screened by the international company with the support of IIMSTC. Selected students go to Phase 3.
  • Phase 3 – (2 months and more)
    • Paid Internship: Students who have consistently performed and delivered project outcomes shall continue internship with the host company with paid stipend as per the international countries
    • Extended Internship: The internships have a minimum duration of two months, however, the students can continue working with the international company until their engagement continues and get the paid stipends during this period. Some of the highly performing students might just get absorbed into the host



  • Gain valuable hands-on experience by working on a real time project that involves job market-relevant skills. 
  • Credits from College/University after completion of Phase I and Phase II. 
  • Certificate endorsed by the Engineers Council of India (ECI),  International Institute of Medical Science and Technology Council, National Skill Development Corportion (NSDC), and International Host Company. 
  • Stipend from Phase III to Industry Standards from that country (30,000 – 50,000 INR). 
  • For students aiming to study abroad, a significant advantage of this program is the opportunity to secure strong letters of recommendation from founders of established startups. This can greatly enhance their applications to international universities.
  • Develop critical soft skills like communication, problem-solving, and teamwork, essential in the professional world.


  • The internship program fosters collaboration with foreign universities and industries, enhancing their collaboration potential with global outreach to introduce exchange programs and research
  • The faculty now faces the heat of having the need to place students into different internships, and they at majority of the time lack the channel needed to access the industries for relevant
  • Universities can showcase the future students joinees regarding the exciting possibilities of them doing an international internship and getting paid reasonably
  • The international collaboration is a key factor to enhance the university rankings and accreditations like NAC and NIRF.


  • Access to a pool of enthusiastic, fresh talent bringing new perspectives and
  • Opportunity to evaluate potential future employees in a real-world setting, reducing recruitment
  • Foster a connection with the academic world, staying updated with the latest academic developments and
  • Enhance brand image by  actively  participating  in  educational developement.

Mentorship and Development:

The unique opportunity with the internship program is that the students are being mentored and trained by top CXO’s of the company. The advantage of being mentored by top industry professionals from top universities globally is highly valuable both from the knowledge transfer and to tap into their professional network. Some of the mentors are from universities like oxford, michigan, cambridge etc. Other additional benefits are as below,

  • Personalized Guidance: Mentors offer tailored advice, helping students navigate their career paths and academic choices more
  • Industry Insights: Students gain valuable insights into industry trends, demands, and real-world challenges, which are often not covered in academic
  • Skill Development: Mentors help in identifying and nurturing essential skills, both technical and soft skills, needed for career
  • Networking Opportunities: Through    mentors, students can expand their professional network, opening doors to job opportunities and industry

Frequently Asked Questions

Candidates are assigned to the most suitable internship based on their average CGPA, 12th-grade score, and CV.

From Monday to Saturday, interns participate in a Problem Solving Discussion Session for at least 1 hour each day. During this time, interns discuss and collaborate on solving problems. In addition to these sessions, interns are expected to dedicate extra hours to the internship project, averaging about 15-20 hours per week.

The salary depends on whether you are working part-time or full-time. Current 4th-year students, who can dedicate more time to the internship and are nearing graduation, are more likely to be employed full-time. Younger students are more likely to be employed part-time due to their academic schedules. Part-time positions can expect a monthly salary of USD 200-400, while full-time positions can expect USD 300-800 per month. A few exceptional students may receive visa support and be directly employed at the company’s headquarters overseas, earning salaries according to local standards.

No. Internship matching is conducted only for participants who have paid the full amount.

  1. Internship certificate endorsed by Skill India, Engineering Council of India, International Institute of Medical Science and Technology Council, foreign industry partners, and Callus Company.
  2. Letter of Recommendation (only for outstanding interns)
  3. International Network
  4. Membership at ECI
  5. Academic Credits
  6. Stipends
  7. Placement Opportunities
  8. Job market relevant skills

Once you pay the fee, the internship matching process begins. After you are assigned an internship, you can submit the AICTE Form to your school to be assigned an Institute Mentor. Submit your internship-related documents to this Institute Mentor to receive academic credits.

No. We assign you to the most suitable internship based on your CGPA, 12th-grade score, and CV.

Yes, you can request a recommendation letter directly from the company you interned with. However, not everyone is guaranteed to receive one; only those interns who have earned it through their performance will receive a recommendation letter.

No. All internships are conducted in English, so you need to communicate using English according to international standards.

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