Foreign professionals

Mr. Kubendran Subbiah – Director KASI, South Africa

Masters in Business Administration at the Management College of South Africa. SAQCC project management and broadcast technology at TVET institutions. Chair of Inyameko and Hires Media. Board member on the National Solar Co-operative.


Having 30 years of experience in endocrinology and diabetes mellitus in United kingdom.

Mr. Suk Ho Yu – Co-founder and CTO at Callus Company, South Korea

Suk Ho studied at Case Western Reserve University majoring in Biomedical Engineering - Biomechanics. Suk Ho then worked as a Biomedical Researcher at Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute focusing on image processing and simulating Carpal Tunnel to come up with a alternative, non-invasive treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Suk Ho then moved to South Korea and embarked on the startup journey with Ryan since 2018. As the chief technology officer, Suk Ho is mainly focusing on creating a full-stack web platform for the Sprint Program and on automating operational tasks to fully maximize every team member's time and energy.

Mr. Gyurae Kim - CEO at Callus Company, South Korea

Gyurae Kim studied at Case Western Reserve University majoring in Computer Engineering. He is a serial entrepreneur since 2018. He joined as a founding member of Institute of Blockchain Tehcnology as a Chief Technology Officer, leading the team to build a delegated Proof of Stake(DPOS) consensus mechanism-based blockchain core infrastructure. After, he founded an online-to-offline platform, transforming traditional VAN-based offline merchants into a real-time, online stores in the proprietary O2O platform called Hitit inc. ( and successfully exited the company after growing the business up to a series-A 2021. Shortly after the exit, Ryan started a new company called Callus Company inc., creating Sprint Program that leverages rapidly growing Web RTC and Real-Time Socket technology provided to clients in the form of a real-time communication platform such as Google Meet and Zoom.

Mr. Anil Sharma – Director CAPRICAN

Anil Sharma has a distinguished career in the top most echelons of Governments and was instrumental in setting up the first Centre for Innovation and Technology Development in Africa, in Mozambique, which was inaugurated by the Hon. Indian Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Damodar Modi. He is an advisor for the Software Technology Park in Mozambique and a consultant for the Ministry of Education, Government of Mozambique. He has established strong relationships with the government departments and parasternal bodies in the Southern Africa region. He is also a member of Institution of Engineers, India and Order of Engineers, Southern Africa.

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