Scope of Paramedical Courses & Research

Scope of Paramedical courses & Research

Medical Industry across the globe has seen a high demand of paramedical professional as there is growing use of technology. IIMSTC has tailor made courses to up skill the aspirants have a scope of high stake opportunities in various Government and Non-Government Organizations. There is a requirement of paramedics as Aviation flight Crews where transportation of injured person nearest healthcare centers and administration of immediate medical care. The students can choose to study further in the same; they can work as trained officials in emergency departments such as Fire &Rescue, Department of Disaster Management, Police Department and National Security Services etc. Employment in disaster response, air medical training and poison and drug overdose treatments where paramedics perform their duties in a helicopter or plane.

Salary structure after Paramedical courses

While in general, the industry is on uncertain ground when it comes to using VR, it’s becoming clear that in industries where training is expensive, the work is difficult to replicate and mistakes can be costly, VR can be an effective solution. Medical Technicians provide technical assistance to surgeons during procedures and are, therefore, expected to be experts on the devices and tools. A medical Practitioner/Para medical student who train in AR/VR platforms will performs more than twice as well as a medical practitioner/staff that don’t. The combination of VR-trained Para medical work force then should create a safer medical industry. The salary and perks of a Para medical Practitioner is very attractive throughout the world.

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